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Nearby attractions

Panorama campsite Colmont is located between Valkenburg and Heerlen, in the middle of the hilly landscape of South Limburg. Various walking and cycling routes start from the campsite. You can also choose to enjoy the famousMergelland route of 110 km by car! Visit the historic cities of Valkenburg, Maastricht or Aachen, or one of the many attractions close by! Want to taste even more foreign atmosphere? The German Eifel and the Belgian Ardennes are just a short distance away. Ideal for day trips across the border!

Panorama campsite Colmont is located in the ‘Land van Kalk’, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in South Limburg, which is rich in Kunrader stone. View the tips about the Land van Kalk here.

The village of Colmont is part of the municipality of Voerendaal. View all tourist information about Voerendaal here.

You’ll find a selection of the many possibilities below:

Historic cities

Maastricht (26 km away)
Valkenburg aan de Geul (13 km away)
Aachen (Germany) (20 km away)
Liège (Belgium) (48 km away)


Marl caves
Indoor skiing: Snowworld Landgraaf (8 km away)
Climbing parks
Schutterspark Brunssum (15 km away)
Barefoot Park Brunssum (15 km away)
Labyrinth Drielandenpunt (14 km away)
Subtropical swimming paradise Mosaqua (8 km away)


Thermae 2000 (13 km away)


GaiaZOO (9 km away)
Aachener Tierpark (25 km away)
Mondo Verde (11 km away)

Amusement parks

Toverland Sevenum (95 km away)
Phantasialand (88 km away)
Bobbejaanland (99 km away)
Plopsa Coo (75 km away)

Indoor playing

Kinderstad Heerlen (8 km away)
Leisure Dome Kerkrade (6 km away)
Mergelrijk (14 km away)

Museums and Culture

Continium Discovery Centrum (12 km away)
Hoensbroek Castle (10 km away)
Slot Schaesberg (11 km away)
Museum Vaals (16 km away)
Thermenmuseum (7 km away)
Roman Catacombs (14 km away)

Tourist railway

Miljoenenlijn (Zuid-Limburgse Stoom Maatschappij) (5 km away)


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